How does it work?

For the team of co-workers, we aim to be self-organising along the lines of Teal, or Sociocracy 3.0. Ours is a practical approach navigating our way one step at a time through the uncertainty, not afraid to step back if things don’t work out or resonate.

For meetings and discussions with the other members of the co-operative we use mainly circle work, as we listen to each other and slowly emerge the common theme that can be implemented. It can be complex at times, but we have the tools to work in this context and so we have patience with each other and the process.

Teal is the name Frédéric Laloux gave to this type of self-organisation in his book re-inventing organisations.

Sociocracy is the name of a hybrid movement that combines scientific method, with circle meeting practice, and agile and lean methodology.

How can I join?

The minimum membership fee to become a member of the cooperative is 100 €. Each individual can buy a maximum of 100 shares.

Leave us your contact details in the contact form and we will get back to you with all the practical details.

As a member your personal details are recorded in the official members list, you decide if you want this to be public or not.

What then?

Each member has one vote, regardless of the number of shares they have purchased.

You will be kept informed of everything going on at the mill and will be invited to join our member meetings where all important decisions about the running and upkeep of the mill will be made.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM) we review the year before decide how much dividend can be paid to members and the general pricing level for the coming year and take decisions on direction, aspirations and priorities for the coming year.

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