a cooperation

farmers, millers,
bakers and consumers
choose for
local cereals
organic flower
pure products
Support the local,
social economy
Because it’s high time.

A short English introduction of the Flietermolen.
Nederlands voor een meer uitgebreide versie / Français pour une version plus étendue.

We are a small start-up co-operative, working together with our suppliers, customers, investors, neighbours and friends, all of which are members of the co-operative.  We are undertaking a journey to provide sustainable local healthy organic flour. Our dream is to be able to add a bio bakery to the co-operative and bake great bio bread one day too.

On this website, you will be able to follow or get involved in our story. You are very welcome to explore with us as we learn to create and share value across the whole co-operative. This type of organization is called “multi-stakeholder” as all members of the value chain come together to discuss the future and share the fruits of the past.