Complexity workshop 1: Spotlight on uncertainty. How to find your path through uncertain conditions?

Friday 30th of June 2017, from 9 a.m. to 16 p.m.
Zaal Lobo, Waarbekeplein 19, 9506 Geraardsbergen

This is the first of the Flietermolen complexity workshops. A workshop means that you take part. Bring your challenges and experiences with you! Together we look through the lens of complex uncertainty. We use emergent tools such as maps and pathways to see new dimensions and find new perspectives.

Guidline normal price: 40 euro
Guidline minimal price: 30 euro

These prices are calculated based on the effective costs (salary costs 320 euro + other costs 45 euro + VAT) and the margin (150 euro) for Flietermolen.

Please consider these prices as guidelines, you are free to pay the amount that you think that is appropriate.

Everybody brings some food for the potluck. Drinks will be provided.

FMCW 1 Uncertainty to

Maximum 15 people

Look forward to seeing you there!
Julian and Katrien

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