The Flietermolen is a stone corn windmill, built on the Flieterkouter estate (n°43), 900m west of the church in Tollembeek.

In March 1789, Francis Van Nuvel was given permission by the Duke of Arenberg to build a stone corn windmill, on the Flieterkouter in Tollembeek. The mill was inaugurated in 1788 by the lord of Galmaarden, Jan de Walkiers. At the time, the ground belonged to the Poor of Tollembeek and a long lease was granted on February 29th, 1788.

In 1801, still belonging to de Walkiers, the mill was run by Judocus Vanopdenbosch. Seven years later, the mill was owned by Louis Wielant.

Successive owners:

  • 1786 : permission to build granted to Franciscus Van Nuvel
  • 1788 : inauguration by Jan de Walkiers, lord of Tollembeek, on ground belonging to the Poor of Tollembeek (long lease granted on 29.02.1788)
  • 1801 : owned by Jan de Walkiers; the farmer-miller was Judocus Vanopdenbosch
  • 1808 : owned by Louis Wielant
  • Before 1834 : owned by Pilette Leonard from Ath ; owned by Charles-Jean Brassum from Geraardsbergen ; owned by Jean-Eugène Fransman, a lawyer from Enghien ; owned by Charles Fransman, a lawyer from Brussels
  • 05.10.1835 : sold to Judocus Clerebaut-Ceuterickx, a farmer from Tollembeek (notary Wielant)
  • Later inherited by the children of Clerebaut-Ceuterickx following Mrs Ceuterickx’s death
  • 16.09.1869 : given as a gift to Josephus Petrus Clerebaut, a surveyor from Tollembeek (notary Wielant)
  • 20.01.1877 : inherited by the Clerebaut widow and children following the death of Petrus Clerebaut
  • 13.02.1883 : bought by Charles-Louis Josepth Vangeyte-Roosens, surveyor in Tollembeek (notary Wielant and Van den Bossche)
  • 23.01.1918 : inherited by the Roosens children following the death of Mrs Roosens
  • 08.09.1923 : divided by Nestor Van Gyte-Simmelon, a miller from Tollembeek (notary Bellot)
  • 22.02.1941 : usufruct usage by the widow of Nestor Van Gyte-Simmelon (for usufruct usage), with the freehold split between Josephus Van Gyte from Tollembeek (1/2 freehold) and Robert Van Gyte from Tollembeek (1/2 freehold), following the death of Nestor Van Gyte
  • 06.08.1954 : bought by Victor Albertus Hugo and Elsa Derbaix (Darbé), a miller from Tollembeek (notary Bellot)
  • 1985 : inherited by the widow, following the death of Albertus Hugo
  • Until 2016 : owned by Mieke, Hubert and Marie-Thérèse Hugo (children of Albert Hugo)
  • 2016 : bought by Julian Still

Judocus Clerebaut was the owner in 1843. In 1926, the mill belonged to Louis Vangijte (Van Gyte).

The mill suffered considerable damage in 1940. On August 6th, 1954, Flietermolen was bought by Albert Hugo and Elsa Darbé (Derbaix). They took the cap and sails off the mill on July 22nd, 1954 and replaced them with a diesel engine.

Up until 1976, Albert Hugo milled hundreds of kilos of grain from farms around Tollembeek. His children Mieke, Hubert and Marie-Thérèse Hugo put the mill up for sale in 2010.

The Hugo family sold the mill to Julian Still (58) in 2016. An Englishman, son of a farmer, has lived in Belgium for over 25 years and has worked as a crisis manager. He wishes to restore the mill to its central place in the local community and plans to once again mill grain, selling bio flour. He has already contracted an architect to get started on the renovation work, and wishes to involve the local community by asking for their ideas on how the mill could be given a new lease of life.

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