If you are Interested in becoming a member of the Flietermolen co-operative, then please fill in the Contact Form and we will get back to you shortly with more information and instructions on how to buy a/some shares’.

We qualify as a newly started company under Belgian federal tax regulations. This means the Belgian tax system will give Belgian tax payers back between 30 and 45% of the value of your shares as part of the Belgian Tax shelter systems for direct investment in new companies. Belgian tax-shelter  (note shares have to be held for 4 years or a pro rata penalty applies).

Interest and dividends paid at the rate are decided by the annual general meeting.

Shares cannot be traded or inherited.

Shares can be cashed in at any time after the first year of being a member, (note the tax shelter conditions of 4 years above), subject to a notice period decided by the AGM.

Companies or associations nominate a physical person to represent them at meetings.